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Yahoo! Search Results for robert denton

Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

Yahoo! Search Results for robert denton excellent! Yahoo has their own search engine. Very well designed results page too. Notice the page title, but I guess google does this too. Mostly, I like the redesign they have gone through at Yahoo. The results display is great, and in a list, and gives the option of […]

Sony Global – QRIO

Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

Sony Global – QRIO A brave new world indeed… and the narrator sounds like the happiest fucking human being on the planet. This is quite an amazing leap. Sony went from selling gajillions of walkmans to this.

Greg Westin: Enabling WebDAV on OS X for use with iCal

Tuesday, February 17th, 2004

Greg Westin: Enabling WebDAV on OS X for use with iCal Nice tutorial that I probably linked spammed before. I enabled WebDAV before from other instructions in the wild, maybe even –gasp– the manual!

Ming – a SWF output library and PHP module

Tuesday, February 17th, 2004

Ming – a SWF output library and PHP module OK — this is extremely cool and holds great potential. Imagine the overlaying possibilities! Yeah, I would rather do it with the gd or imagemagick libraries though, and it can likely be done given the right amount of effort.

Hmmm. Colby's front page links…

Monday, February 16th, 2004

I sort of like from a semantical p.o.v. the way colby lists links on the home page left hand menu — “Colby Links” and “Colby Info”. Sort of sums things up but almost too neatly. What say you, if About were the Bowdoin Info and well, Academics, Admissions, and Offices and Resources provide the “Bowdoin […]

Colby's Login page

Monday, February 16th, 2004 This presents a nice picture — they give prospective students a login. They also appear to do something in house for alumni… “Colby Alumni: Use your Blue Light Alumni Services account information. Don’t have an account? Register online. (If you are registering for the first time, you will need your ID number from the […]

Backup Strategies for OS X

Monday, February 16th, 2004

I have been using an rsync script in cron — works fine but is a bit messy due to lack of support for binary and some meta-data in files. Here are some answers:

redesign components

Thursday, February 12th, 2004

* Home Page * Narrow and Focus Audience pages * New News Engine * Proper Events publishing * Degradation Policy for Academic Depts. * New Skin throughout

Several links with tips about WordPress

Thursday, February 12th, 2004

All about WordPress Other

About this site and Robert Denton

Thursday, February 12th, 2004

I am a web designer at Bowdoin College. I’ve been working with publishing in one form or another since high school and have been involved in in many facets of publishing and production from what was once called “new media” in the late 80s, desktop publishing, computer assisted design, and multimedia production. Now it’s called […]