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The Jackson Boat Company is no longer in operation. The telephone number works but upon the answer I was informed of Mr. Jackson’s demise. I can’t find very much history on the company at all, and was anxious to ask the person who answered the phone about the history or records, but it was later in the evening for an older person, and, I could tell by their tone this was definitely not a moment for conversation. The company was actually in Veazie ME. I did find a document about the history of Veazie on the town web site where it has a photo from the 50s showing the boat company from across the street. Not much to see…


W E M I am told are the initials of the person who had the craft built.

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2 Responses to “Prepping”

  1. Karan Sheldon Says:

    nice; like the slogan. I wonder if Maine Folklife Center has anything on them. Oh, and ask Zip Kellogg.

  2. Robert Denton Says:

    Great tip, thanks I will pursue.