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Don't forget Exxon

Adam Greenfield of the site above asks the question:

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What corporation or other institution have you voluntarily given the most of your own money to in the course of your life?

(With imperfect records, I can’t be absolutely sure, but I believe my top three are something like United Airlines, Saab, and Apple Computer, in that order.)

I’d just like to remind us all that perhaps Exxon, Mobile, or some other oil conglomerate is the corporation we have most likely willingly given the most money to! Let’s see, I am 38, been driving for 22 years… been driving (roughly) on average 16k per year which is about 352k miles… at a rough average of 25mpg that is about 14,080 gallons of gasoline… I don’t know how to average this out, but in the US we just started paying over $2/u.s. gallon; a very un-scientific average would be $1.25/gallon which leaves me, in my 22 years of driving handing over about $17,600.00 for gasoline. That seems low!

Let’s not forget how we heat our homes, fire our grills, and generate electricity.

That said, I’d say the two cars I have bought brand new (saturn, and recently a Mini Cooper S) rank those respective companies up there, and yes, with a technology company, Apple Computer being another in the list.

Interesting exercise… but don’t forget the world economy and your place in it.

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