Robert Denton

Staggering work of genius from Portland, Maine – Photographer, Designer, Taco Maker, Birder, Biker, Business Owner

A Short Bio

Purpose: This site serves as my online notebook where I mostly post photographs.
Basically … Drawn to Maine for life, staying in Maine for the way life should be…

Work? Portfolio and LinkedIn.

Life in brief:

  • Typical public school upbringing through high school
  • Part time college student, full time worker 2 yrs
  • U.S. Army 2 yrs
  • Undergrad 4 yrs
  • Grad school: And after all these years still stupidly happy that I was accepted to RIT, SVA, Rutgers, and the UIC School of Art & Design – chose UIC, 2 yrs
  • Taught photography and design 5 yrs in part time positions during undergrad and grad
  • Moved to Maine
  • Worked in multimedia and design 2 yrs
  • Position at Bowdoin College in IT – learn about IT for 3 yrs
  • Changed position to web designer at Bowdoin – back to roots!
  • Lead Bowdoin College web efforts until 2010

Other interests (in no particular order)

  • Cycling — on and off road — mostly road biking these days though.
  • Running — short distance for recreation only.
  • Family
  • Hiking, staying fit and being out of doors in the big blue room.
  • Building a kayak Paddling the kayak I built from a Pygmy Boats kit.
  • Learning about birds with the Sibley Guide
  • Photography, Design, and Art, none of which are mutually exclusive.


Atop Cadillac Mountain - Acadia National Park