Robert Denton

Staggering work of genius from Portland, Maine – Photographer, Designer, Taco Maker, Birder, Biker, Business Owner

A Short Bio

Purpose: This site serves as my online notebook where I mostly post photographs.
Basically … Drawn to Maine for life, staying in Maine for the way life should be…

Work? Portfolio (nope, closed for business, there was some great work, but open for another) and LinkedIn.(don’t need it, don’t want it)

Life in brief:

  • Typical public school upbringing through high school
  • Part time college student, full time worker 2 yrs
  • U.S. Army 2 yrs
  • Undergrad 4 yrs
  • Grad school: And after all these years still stupidly happy that I was accepted to RIT, SVA, Rutgers, and the UIC School of Art & Design – chose UIC, 2 yrs
  • Taught photography and design 5 yrs in part time positions during undergrad and grad
  • Moved to Maine
  • Worked in multimedia and design 2 yrs
  • Position at Bowdoin College in IT – learn about IT for 3 yrs
  • Changed position to web designer at Bowdoin – back to roots!
  • Successfully lead Bowdoin College web efforts until 2010
  • Gigs (maine audubon but they could not maintain)
  • 2014 Bought a local wine/beer store, turned it into more of a shoppe, grew by 50%! in 5 years…next.

Other interests (in no particular order)

  • Cycling — on and off road — mostly road biking these days though.
  • Running — short distance for recreation only.
  • Family (strong)
  • Hiking, staying fit and being out of doors in the big blue room.
  • Building a kayak Paddling the kayak I built from a Pygmy Boats kit.
  • Learning about birds with the Sibley Guide
  • Photography, Design, and Art, none of which are mutually exclusive.
  • I really, really love wine…when it is an honest fermented beverage. Amazing. (not the factory wine, i can explain)


Atop Cadillac Mountain – Acadia National Park