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Sophisticated Europeans

Alright, I don’t want to turn this into a general geo-politics blog but this is too funny to pass up.

Telegraph | News | German men told they can no longer stand and deliver [link broken due to poorly managed permalink structure]

German men are being shamed into urinating while sitting down by a gadget which is saving millions of women from cleaning up in the bathroom after them.

The WC ghost, a £6 voice-alarm, reprimands men for standing at the lavatory pan. It is triggered when the seat is lifted. The battery-operated devices are attached to the seats and deliver stern warnings to those who attempt to stand and urinate (known as “Stehpinkeln”)

“Hey, stand-peeing is not allowed here and will be punished with fines, so if you don’t want any trouble, you’d best sit down,” one of the devices orders in a voice impersonating the German leader, Chancellor Gerhard Schroder. Another has a voice similar to that of his predecessor, Helmut Kohl.

Perhaps they should resurrect the Fuhrer’s voice?

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