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Creating Passionate Users: Ten Tips for New Trainers/Teachers

Creating Passionate Users: Ten Tips for New Trainers/Teachers

Just because you’ve used lots of software doesn’t mean you can write code. Just because you’ve been in lots of buildings doesn’t mean you can be an architect. And just because you’ve logged a million frequent flyer miles doesn’t mean you can fly a plane.

I’d add just because you’ve seen design, used well designed products, and are a good builder of information that goes into well designed products — you are still not a designer. I don’t want to pull out the old saws here. The business we are in, the total interconnectedness of all we do and publish on the web site will mean more integration of user experience, application flow; basically a tighter integration and interaction between the people who develop and implement the technology, content, site, and design strategies.

I like this overall list of tips — it applies to a lot of what we do on a day to day basis wether we are training/teaching or not.

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