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JISC e-Learning Focus – Can web service technology really help enable %u2019coherent diversity%u2019 in e-learning?

Scott Wilson explores technology and pedagogy and suggests that a service oriented approach to system design could lead to greater pedagogic diversity

Tom Hoffman manages the SchoolTool project. Tom keeps an interesting list of thoughts in his weblog…

Calendar:CalDAV Roadmap — building on the concept. So iCal is nice as a standard, why not make it interoperable? Don’t just share your calendar, publish it, allow groups to edit and share the same calendar using iCal as the base. Yeah, open calendaring!

SchoolBell, part of SchoolTool, allows for this very idea using the iCal starndard as a base. Read up it might be worth while.

* SchoolBell allows you to create people, resources (such as rooms, computers or projectors) and groups of people and/or resources.
* A calendar is created for each of these which may be accessed through the web or through a client application that support the iCalendar standard, such as Mozilla Calendar or Apple’s
* In the web view of their personal calendar, users can view color-coded events from other selected SchoolBell calendars.
* SchoolBell allows finely grained access control for calendars.
o Site administrators can designate which people can view calendars and who can add or edit events on calendars.
o Permissions can be set globally, by type or for individual calendars.
* SchoolBell is an excellent choice for managing the scheduling of shared resources, like labs, studios, libraries, computers, projectors, etc. Each item’s calendar can be made publically viewable, but the site administrator can specify which people can add or modify events for each calendar.

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