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Note to Apple, or, the Trouble with QuickTime

Apple – QuickTime – Tools & Tips

I have used QuickTime since the dawn of postage stamp media dropped jaws.

Apple has steadily improved and expanded the container that is QuickTime.

Apple has always ignored the fact that good documentation and tools fosters development. Well, seemingly… here we are in 2005 and they post a page like this with links off to Classic Mac applications that are supposed to be helpful.

In fact, the entire QuickTime site is a detritus of half baked documentation and false starts. Knife the baby Apple, it’ll free the development community. Keep QuickTime in your nice applications for end users if you don’t really want developers to use it all.

What happened to all the radio stations? Skinnable players (so cool too)? Sprites? Flash in QT (oh, Macromedia got you there eh?)?

You barely keep your QuickTime documentation up to date. Why? The better question is how? How do you allow it to happen?!

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