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Doug Morris, Universal CEO Claims Customers are Criminals

Red Hot Chili Peppers, QOTSA, T.I. Rock For Zune

“These devices are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it,” UMG chairman/CEO Doug Morris says. “So its time to get paid for it.”

So get this. I’m a criminal! Why? Apparently because I own two iPods and they are supposedly my container for “stolen music”.

Isn’t that pretty?

There’s not a lot to say really. This is beyond ludicrous and probably one of the most idiotic moves a CEO could make and that he made such a comment is more a testimony to the cloud cover these guys have over DRM and public perception than reality. Because the reality is this would be a PR disaster if anyone really covered the issue in a major news outlet.

Nonetheless, why should I ever give any company or sub-company my money if they start the relationship by calling me a criminal?

These guys are greedy pigs. Mobile or Shell doesn’t get a cut from BMW every time I buy a car! Tide doesn’t get a cut from Kenmore , nor do Levis every time I wash a pair of jeans or buy a machine. It’s complete insanity.

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