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Staggering work of genius from Portland, Maine – Photographer, Designer, Taco Maker, Birder, Biker, Business Owner


Started this post a while ago and reading a friend’s four prompted me to complete the list.

Four jobs I’ve had
* Kitchen manager for Charlie Co, 32nd Signal Battalion, McNair Kaserne, Frankfurt-Hoecscht Germany US Army
* Waiter
* Teacher at various places, photography
* Perpetual freelancer (photography, publishing, design)

Four movies I can watch over and over
* Room With a View
* The Big Lebowski
* Any of the Sergio Leone trilogy starring Clint Eastwood
* Any Pixar movie since my kids love them too

Four places I’ve lived
* Chicago, IL
* Commerce Street Artists Warehouse, Houston, TX
* Dallas, TX
* Portland, ME

Four TV shows I love
* Homicide, Life on the Street
* I’ll Fly Away
* Band of Brothers
* Battlestar Gallactica (yes, the new series)
* 24

Four places I’ve vacationed
* Big Bend National Park
* Cabo San Lucas
* Maho Bay, St. Johns, US Virgin Islands
* Toronto

Four of my favorite dishes
* Chocolate cake (particularly a chocolate sheath cake)
* A good hamburger
* Mole
* Sushi sashimi style

Four sites I visit daily
* gmail
* google
* digg
* various news and bloggers rss feeds

Four places I would rather be right now
I’m unusally content and enjoy travel when it comes but mostly live in the moment. I have a nice group of colleagues, enjoy my work, live in a beautiful place, and love my family. At most I long for internal peace and going further than perhaps my situation Maine or my other competing desires may allow.

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