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IE7 breaks muscle memory

I’m using RC1 of IE7.

Bluntly put, I can barely stand the experience. Oh sure, it’s got tabs now which moves it toward tolerable. But I’m not even talking about the missed opportunities to fix CSS rendering bugs, nor the strange lack of an application menu and the trouble that brings.

I’m talking about something more important! The most used UI elements have gone all pear shaped and they’ve switched position. The forward/back, refresh, stop loading, and address field elements have been shuffled. I would love a peak into the reasoning behind this because in my daily use (many months since using beta) which involves a ton of reloading a page it’s totally screwed my productivity.

Everytime I mouse over to my windows screen (i use the wonderful synergy km) there are seconds I have to pause and move my mouse and consider the position of the reload button.

Why? Well, for about a 11 years I have used many web browsers but they all, yep, every one of them had the refresh button right next or at least to the left of the address field. Windows IE7 decides to change a decade+ of user experience and flummox all users by changing the location!

In all it’s wisdom, the IE team also decides not to allow a user to customize the placement of these buttons. Weeee! I get bogged down and frustrated! Thanks folks.

Here is the IE7 toolbar:
IE7 Toolbar

Which changes everything since IE4!!!
IE4 Toolbar

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