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Unfettered Communication

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In the world of Flash driven web sites there are usually two kinds — the flash driven web site and a kick ass, effective piece of communication that truly illustrates unfettered creativity and culture. This Leo Burnett site is the latter.

Some things I still don’t like about flash delivery. No scrubbing on video/audio sources. How often do you want to rewind to re-listen/watch a section? All the time and it happens that most flash sites take the interactive out of the interactive by not allowing this affordance. Some designer essentially removes control from your hands only to retain absolute control. I hate this… I had to re-watch several clips only to read or hear some small bit. Maybe this is intentional but it’s a huge turn-off for me.

I haven’t done anything in this vein of creative in years it feels like. Most of my time has been focused on user-centered design and not even attempting to blend this strength of directed creativity with a user focused delivery of media. Web design for me has been largely about walking a line between creative control and delivering information to an audience that scans, clicks away quickly, and more often than not just wants information.

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