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A necessary step (Scripting News)

A necessary step (Scripting News)

The Grandfather of Blogging says:

On Friday I said that impeachment must become an option. More than that, it must become a fixture of American politics. We’ve now suffered through two two-term Presidents who had very little regard for our opinion of them. We need to get their attention, and the best tool at our disposal is to remove them from office when they break the law. It’s our fault this is happening because we refuse to use our power.

I’d warrant our culture has a much larger problem than presidents. There is a root problem in our culture whereby vast wealth is bestowed upon a miniscule percentage for tanking companies, to fire executives, etc… and, we do it in the face of enormous and rising differences in pay across the scale. Until we can face this endemic problem across the spectrum of our civilization removing the head of a hydra will do nothing. The insurgency will continue otherwise.

It is also these small incursions we tolerate at all levels of culture, provided you wear the right collar, and perhaps others are able to make money as well. There is no small amount of correction. Impeachment is not small in itself but in light of the larger culture-wide problem it is but a meaningless gesture.

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