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Mike Moran talks with Robert Scoble at Internet Strategy Forum

Great discussion with 14 minutes of the solid basis for what one should be doing today. From his Amazon page for his book Search Engine Marketing:

Mike has worked on IBM’s Web site for the past seven years and is currently the Manager of Site Architecture. In addition to his search work, Mike has spearheaded projects in Content Management, Personalization, and Web Metrics.

Mentioned is the Cluetrain Manifesto from 1999. Most people have seen the cluetrain whiz by but not all really know what it is or how to say it when they see it coming. This kind of short video does more to sell his product and ideas than just about anything he can write. It’s an example of doing it wrong quickly! Very nice…

IBM has the culture to produce people like this … they aren’t talking about new features or geegaws but instead about what problems they are solving. That’s a very good thing when the bammo star of “New and Improved” is still slapped on products while it was meaningless 30 years ago.

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