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Third Baby

We have a third baby now.

Sigo, 13 week old Australian Shepherd

We surprised our two children with a puppy. We’ve been talking about getting a dog for over a year and the planets finally aligned. It means a lot more work but in the end it’s great to have little Sigo around. He’s a wonderful mellow pup with spirit.

The name Sigo came about as a result of trying to avoid things like “chocolate, brownie, or boots”. I thought Coltrane would be cool to mark my respect for the legendary jazz player.

He really looks like a little bear cub so we said what about “bear”?! Nah, too plain. Kodiak? Nah. Ursa? Good name but better for a female dog. So we investigated other languages … nothing interesting or nice sounding for “bear” in major languages we know bits about. Then we thought to search for Native American derivatives for “bear”.

I found a great story about a boy named Sigo in a Wabanaki legend who became a bear’s child. I started to read the story and said the name Sigo and both Lucy and Will began using it, we liked it a lot! Great name … and incidentally a translation from Spanish tells me the word means “I follow” which we can only hope little Sigo will do after some training.

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