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Blah-Blah Text: Keep, Cut, or Kill? (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)
The introductory paragraph(s) found at the top of many Web pages is what I call blah-blah text: a block of words that users typically skip when they arrive at a page. Instead, their eyes go directly to more actionable content, such as product features, bulleted lists, or hypertext links.

The worst kind of blah-blah has no function; it’s pure filler — platitudes, such as “Welcome to our site, we hope you will find our new and improved design helpful.”

Kill the welcome mat and cut to the chase.

People read very little on Web pages. Don’t waste word count on generic, feel-good material. It’s not going to make customers feel good anyway. They care only about getting their problems solved as quickly as possible so they can leave your site.

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