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Capisic pond

I am at a meeting concerning the Capisic Brook watershed. I walk Capisic Pond park daily and have watched the pond over grow with reeds and fill with silt. Still plenty of birds but what was it like before? The City of Portland and Woodard & Curran are hosting, and Maine D.E.P.are involved.

Update: Interestingly, the pond is not included in the watershed! What the hey? Isn’t “capisic brook” the feeder for the pond, and, does not the pond run off into Fore River? (yes it does) and isn’t the big view goal here to clean up Casco Bay into which all of this drains?!

I realize there is no funding for Capisic Pond’s dredging and revitalization, and it was mentioned the D.E.P. doesn’t even have standards or classifications for bodies like this… but at least include the pond as part of the watershed. My street is in the watershed and guess where it drains? Yep, right down the street to Capisic Pond. This was one of the more interesting questions I hope is answered.

Overall the meeting was informative but the meeting started 30 minutes later than scheduled and I had to leave at 7:30 so do not know what else was answered.

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