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Where is … the HTML5/jQuery/goodness IDE?

I want the iDVD for iPad applications, or at least the iDVD for iPad magazine production. The rich web site packager that allows you to sketch your idea, draw and craft your idea, and then publish a fully compliant packaged whatever (site, app, etc…). Apple has all the tools but they need to be put together. Don’t let Adobe (good stuff, but buggy and arrogant to users) and Microsoft (Expression, looks nice, Windows only) be the only players in the field.

John Gruber at Daring Fireball posts something similar … basically there is a gap. Apple has rolled out formats, for lack of better desription, for web apps, lp wrappers, and other stuff but there isn’t a great tool to do any of this. I currently hand code sites based on a handful of libraries and tips. There has to be a great IDE like environment for developing with jquery, html5, webkit/mobile templating, and off-line storage.

Another voice: The iPad needs its HyperCard

I’m not pining for another HyperCard as good as it was for people’s creativity. We have the web and rich libraries and tools to do interesting mashups, sophisticated media design, and even animation. What’s needed (not necessarily for the iPad’s success) is a set of tools which put more power into designer’s, educator’s, and content creator’s hands.

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