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Mini, ahem, roundup of CSS rounded corner boxes

The formidable Kalsey Consulting gives us Rounded corners in CSS. These have trouble in my cascade hell.

A single image method I just might adopt…

Check out Macromedia’s Contribute page with rounded corner boxes which appears to be based on ThrashBox’s implementation “Sliding Doors” BoxÐ Rounded Corners for All. Also found at DOBOZ.

These things pop up all over the place. I began working on one version of Bowdoin Magazine a few years ago with rounded corners for all main sections. The newly designed Bowdoin site will use rounded corner treatments here and there but none so far have required this level of hackery since they are either one corner, fixed width, or a rounded corner on an image… (hrrrmmm, imagemagick + alpha channel + scripting would be a nice solution for auto burning those rounded corners off of images).

None of the rounded corner treatments are that far from how people have hacked together CSS drop shadows. Save for the SilverOrange Labs iteration of simple drop shadows (used on newly designed Bowdoin site).

This site used them all over the place. On the Social Nature of Search – The Social Software Weblog –

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