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mac google video viewer – Google Search

mac google video viewer – Google Search

I’m having a horrible Google week.

First, the content index for the entire domain was deleted after a request to remove one URL from their cache.

Why is this bad? We use Google search for our web site… which means we currently have no search.

What is our recourse? Wait. Wait until the crawler maybe re-crawls our site, at some unknown time in the future.

Second, Google is turning into Yahoo! in the way they are rolling out more and more services with stupid limits to single a platform (windows). This was rolled out a while ago but for instance, Google Video Player is only available for Windows. The plugin is based on VLC for christ’s sake. What rush was there to roll out a Windows version and not a Macintosh/Linux version? I use VLC on four different generation OS X machines, and it was born on Linux anyway.

Yahoo! has tons of stuff spuriously available only for Windows (and they claim a Mac visitor needs Netscape 4.7 to use certain services! — clueless bastards, or insidious intentions?) and now Google does too. Way to go you caught up to Yahoo.

At least Yahoo’s search engine submission process is starting to be geared to getting into the index in a more rapid manner (for pay) than Google’s non-window crawl time. It’s like waiting for the cable guy to show up but there’s not even a time window!

I admire and respect what Google has done so far, this week has been disappointing.

Derrick Story, on an O’Reilly blog weighs in on part of this post: Google is Mac Friendly… Sort of

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