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Paul Graham on open source and blogging

Paul Graham on open source and blogging | Between the Lines |

This is a great recounting of what sounds like a fun keynote to listen to.
Here are some excerpts:

  • People work harder on things they like
  • The standard office is unproductive
  • Bottom-up works better than top-down

I hope this becomes an essay because there’s lots in it that’s worth spending more time thinking about. Some of it is in Hiring is Obsolete. Here’s some of the more provocative things Paul said (not verbatim, but hopefully I got the ideas right):

Someone who proposes to run Windows on servers ought to be prepared to explain what they know about servers that Google and Yahoo don’t know.
What business ought to be getting out of open source isn’t the software, but the process.

Open source (and blogging) has a Darwinian approach to enforcing quality. The audience can communicate with each other and the bad stuff gets ignored.

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