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I want to compare moving our news engine (and micro-content management) from MT 2.6.x to either MT 3.x or ExpressionEngine.

With MT the biggest plus for us at Bowdoin is how we run it as a micro-content management tool on a staging server. The user collects data, edits entries/stories, or somewhat static pages we have setup in MT and it all happens on a staging server internally. When we are satisfied with the updates I have a simple shell script that invokes rsync to move over the changes from staging to our production server.

The other plus from MT is how it builds static files… this of course compliments our desired staging/production environment. I like the thinking of those Trott’s — the flat files produced by MT have fewer moving parts on the front end, yet, we can use MT as a data store and build sites that are way beyond xhtml and includes (barring any front end scripting).

Expression engine has included some cacheing of routines and results but I haven’t examined enough to know if we will be satisfied with the results.

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