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Left Center Left: Best Rock Albums of 2004

AudioScrobbler may just do away with my “analog” version of finding new music.

You see, in the past every time someone published some of their library or a best of list or a listening roll I would cobble it, typically by posting an entry or PDF’ing it (OSX has made it way to simple to save PDFs).

This is a good idea of social software. Here one can refine tastes, not use google or some random lists but create and define your list of lists… in other words you get to choose whose lists informs yours rather than the “everything in the world” results one obtains from a general search engine.

BooksWeLike picks up on this idea too.

Jason Kottke has lists: books, movies, and link spam as well on the main page of his site.

That mediacritic, rottentomatoes, amazon, itunes, and imdb all allow you to relate your purchase or likes with other peoples likes is a start. Being able to be selective about this and generate other relationships is great.

Another article: Writing a Social Content Engine with RDF

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