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Yahoo Music (un)Limited!

Yahoo Music needs to jump on the ClueTrain (they recommend netscape 4.7!!!)

Yahoo Music UnLimited! needs a ticket on the clue train, and fast.

How about just one second to consider how you present yourself? The above image is what I receive when trying to watch a video with the “Y!Video” player or some such concocted piece of software cobbled together with the yahoo brand.

So they say I must have Netscape 4.7 to use this feature of their Music Limited site. It’s an 8 year old browser. I’m visiting with a one month old operating system and browser. I’m not ranting because it insults me, with my computer whose market share is a paltry 3%. I’m ranting because an organization like Yahoo should have more of a clue with their level of resources. It’s offensive.

As should we.

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