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iPhone Camera

I bought an iPhone in August or so … after having tried many varieties of pda/phone/multi-tool I had quit attempting to use any of them productively and carried just a basic phone. The iPhone is a winner though and really accomplishes with simplicity all the promises of the past.

The camera is great to have with me since it’s a tap away to email a picture. Frankly with a digital SLR there are too many pictures to manage, edit, and then upload so having a simple way to pop a good photo to friends and family is new to me.

So the podcast, er, netcast titled MacBreak Weekly had a recent show claiming the iPhone’s camera resolution is 640×480. Whoa. One of the most popular podcasts and they don’t fact check or even correct the show notes after the fact?

The iPhone camera is no great thing but it’s not a chump. I’ve got a vintage Quicktake and the camera in the iPhone is much better resolution 1600 x 1200. When you email a photo it is resized to 640×480 but not when you import those photos to an application. I’ve managed to squeeze some decent photos out but it’s definitely bad at the highlight and shadow areas.

From the episode home page:

Don’t forget apple did make a digital camera, the Apple Quicktake! Which had a resolution of 640X480, the same as the iPhone! (Your iPhone, its a new Apple Newton! Its a new Apple Quicktake, its also a hard-to-use cellphone!…)

It’s kind of silly to keep the show notes incorrect … but I guess the show is a casual thing.

Here are some sample photos using the iPhone:
Pizza Friday means fresh dough and homemade pie! In low light this did OK for such a dinky camera.

Eastern side of place at Mt. Vernon, Long Pond. Highlights and shadows blown out!

This pic has more even light and it looks great. Kennebec Highlands trail system walk.

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