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Now That’s March Madness, or The Perigee Moon

Officially this was taken on March 20th, not on the actual date NASA states for the perigee moon, or super moon! Since the moon was so bright I used two exposures but no other trickery – I simply merged the two. The top one was taken from the Eastern Promenade in Portland ME looking out to Peaks Island. Once the moon rose L & W understood then why we were out so late. Neat to see even if it was a bit smaller the next day. I did take a photo (below) of the actual perigee moon but it wasn’t very interesting just looking up at the orb.

The day after super moon at Eastern Prom in Portland Maine


Perigee Moon, or Super Moon! Shot handheld on Canon 7D (1.6 crop factor) with a 70mm lens...

Posted: 21.03.2011
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