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Bird of Prey vs. Predation

Found this on a morning walk in Capisic pond park. I believe this is the carcass of a diurnal raptor. Falco columbarius, or a Merlin. There isn’t a lot left to go on. I should have turned it over but didn’t have forceps or gloves, just my iphone.

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3 Responses to “Bird of Prey vs. Predation”

  1. Ron Burns Says:

    These and the others beautiful images Robert. Surprised you don’t have the iFlip app though…

  2. Robert Denton Says:

    Thanks Ron … I can’t find any info on the app you mentioned, is it a pic uploader/sharer? I like to import into Aperture first and sort, etc for most pix. 🙂

  3. Ron Burns Says:

    Sorry Robert, feeble attempt at humour relating to you having nothing other than the iPhone with which to flip over the remains!! Judgement of your great pix stands however!