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Skunked Cat

Lil' Princess Perlipat Got Skunked! She still has the odor.

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9 Responses to “Skunked Cat”

  1. Brian Carusella Says:

    She looks so happy.

  2. Heather Grob Says:

    OMG, this photo is hilarious! Best wishes for a full recovery!

  3. John C. Ames Says:

    Ha! You are taking way too much pleasure in this.

  4. Steve Harp Says:


  5. Robert Denton Says:

    @matt — If she turns blonde we could make her pink@! or dark green… @john — yes, there’s something about a cat, that’s not a dog. @brian — she was surprisingly complaisance!

  6. Julie Finn Says:

    Do you still possess all of your limbs?

  7. Ted & Sue Says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have left her alone,

  8. Heather DiYenno Says:

    That was great to watch- I really don’t think I ever saw a wet cat

  9. Marie Derrig Kane Says:

    Too funny…….Did you use tomato juice?